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Thread: snowmachining on the way up to fairbanks

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    Default snowmachining on the way up to fairbanks

    does anybody have any info on where to ride tomorrow? I will be driving to fairbanks and was hoping to ride somewhere on the way. Leaving at ^ so i should be up around the iglo at sunrise i have herd that talked about a few times but i dont know anything about that area or others up there so any info would be great thanks. I would like to get into some powder but thats probaby too much to ask with the weather we have had.

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    Default Just drove down from Fairbanks to Anchorage yesterday

    If you're looking for riding near the highway, it looked pretty bleak. There is hardly any snow between Anchorage and Fairbanks. Some near Petersville road up until Healy (maybe 6-10" on the ground), and then hardly a thing from there north. Your best bet may be taking a ride out to the end of Petersville road.

    I was hoping to do some riding sunday, but I think I'll take my quad out at Bird tomorrow for some ATV riding instead.


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