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Thread: BOG Proposal 30

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    Default BOG Proposal 30

    I would like to encourage all forum member to write to the BOG to support proposal 30, which would establish special hunts for our disabled veterans. Please take the time to read the proposal and take the time to show our veterans our support. Many have given so much, I feel this is a great Idea.


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    Default Prop 30

    I think its a great idea, in therory. I dont agree with a blanket all 100% disabled Vets being lumped together, not all 100% Disabled vets need special considerations. There are plenty of 100% vets that can do anything and everything needed to hunt and fish. That is because the military gives an accumlative percentage, ie 10% hearing, 50% back, 20% knees, 20% elbow, this all adds up to 100%. Im a prime example, but can do all the hunting and fishing I want, Im in pain the whole time but can do it.

    Do we let someone use a helicopter because the cant climb to get to sheep and goats, do we allow them to use atv's in controlled use areas because they cant walk? Prop 30 is too vage, needs more details on the what and hows.

    Those truely 100% disabled for one thing such as missing appendages, eyes and so on should be given this consideration, deservingly so.


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