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Thread: Aluma trailer reports?

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    Default Aluma trailer reports?

    Greetings folks,

    After a dozen plus years it's time to retire my trusty, rusty and worn out home-made trailer. I've welded my last broken cross beam.

    I'm looking at a 14 ft. Aluma, tandem axle. I hadn't really considered an aluminum trailer. Anyone have an Aluma or other aluminum trailer? How do you like them?

    THanks in advance,


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    I have a 6 year old 14’ tandem axle SLEDBED. IMO They are the best aluminum snowmobile trailer built Period! I have had this trailer into McCarthy twice, Steese-Eagle summit 6 or so times. Nebesna once. I average 3000 miles a year on it.
    It is a 14 footer. A true 14’ before the Vee-front. 8’2” wide deck. Fixed bed. Drive on /rive off with a Vee-front and aluminum salt shields. 13” wheels (They don’t burn up like those 10” wheels.) No exposed wiring. Each axle is rated at 2400 lbs.
    Contact Bright Trailer sales.
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