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Thread: Snowmobiling in Denali NP

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    Default Snowmobiling in Denali NP

    Saw some folks unloading trailers yesterday at the Igloo. Stopped and talked to them and found that they were generally clueless as to where they were going and what the rules were. This as the ranger's plane was flying over the Dunkle Hills

    And it ain't open yet. Snow conditions are as bad here near Cantwell as everywhere else.

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    I've heard the McLaren area is decent. Will probable head that way on my free weekend, assuming it not -40 by then

    If they went to the Igloo, there's still lots of country they could cover and never enter the park, I'd go south of the Igloo more, but as you said, its pretty minimal snowfall everywhere

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    That website has not been updated since April 12th of 2007. LOTS of riding from the Igloo..even on the west side of the highway..that is not in the park. I ride a bunch just south of the park boundary..south side of the West Fork and west of the middle fork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDoug View Post
    That website has not been updated since April 12th of 2007.
    That's because nothing has happened since April 2007...the areas where snowmachining is allowed have not been opened in the park yet for legal riding since they were seasonally closed in April.

    I guess that was the point of my original post, which I didn't do a very good job of explaining.

    Also on that site there is a link to data that you can download right into your GPS map to show the park boundaries while you are riding.

    Doin' the snow dance here.

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