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Thread: Whats your preference and why?

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    Default Whats your preference and why?

    I am on my fourth boat. I previously owned 2 fiberglass and an aluminum and now back in a fiberglass. I use my boats in PWS and Seward. I personally rather have a glass boat. It seems to cut the rough water best. I cant say which would typically get better fuel economy cuz all my others had I/Os and the glass one now has OB. It is by far more economical than the V8s.
    I was in a friends aluminum this year when we hit a rock and it peeled right open. I have never ripped a glass boat open on a rock before.(ive only run aground once before). If you start to take on water, what would go down faster, glass or aluminum?
    Just curious. Whats your take on it..? dirt.

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    Default I seen holes in both....

    Personally, I like aluminum for AK waters.......But if I had the money I would probably buy a newer Sea Sport which is glass of course.

    As far as which boat would sink faster. There probably isn't a correct answer for that. Depending on the hole size, location of the damage on the boat and how fast it's taking on water. One may never know.

    One rule of thumb is: Glass boats are heavier and tend to not beat you up as bad as lighter aluminum boats that bob and bouce around higher on the water surface.


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    I like my Aluminum boat but have never owned a glass boat. My boat has the floatation foam in it where if it were to ever sink it will only sink to the gunnels. Of course I never care to find out if that is actually true.

    Must have been a pretty sharp rock or at high speed when he peeled his boat open. I have hit allot of rocks when I had my jet boat and just had to beat out the dents.
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