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Thread: Something to talk about during the slow winter

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    Default Something to talk about during the slow winter

    What's your thoughts? more accurate bows? AccuTrigger release system?

    Savage Sports Corporation, with corporate offices in Westfield Massachusetts and BowTech, located in Eugene, Oregon are pleased to announce the completion of a landmark agreement whereby Savage acquired BowTech so that the combined resources and strength of the two well-established industry leaders can be concentrated to become a major force for growth within the shooting/hunting/outdoor industry. BowTech's family of brands will continue to be promoted and marketed independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Sports Corp.

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    Dang, hopefully Savage won't try to get to involved with screwing around with Bowtech's designs.

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    Go shoot two ptarmigan and post in the morning.

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    Default Sucessful management

    When managing a company you find people that are good at specific jobs and let them do them to the best of their ability. The overall manager only needs to know how to organize meetings, meet people and "oversee" that everyone is doing their jobs. If Savage takes over, they should let people that know their jobs function as before. There may be some additional knowledge to gain from the parent company, financial resources that might increase production with new manufacturing methodologies and hopeful the parent name attracts people. Differences within BowTech should be small. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. On the bright side, we may see some prices coming down.

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    One can only hope that the NEW Bowtech, will honor the, and not turn into a always increacing co-pay type warr.. I had a Lamson salmon reel with a lifetime gaurentee, Lamson ownership had shifted, and the warr. disapeared when I needed it. Sage rod, G loomis rod, Redington reel, all have up"ed their co-pay type warrantee"s, and are not what they once were when the owners first made the purchase! A company is only as good as it"s word, and some modify their words all too often! Bill
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    I have had the same machined supreme high country bow since 97. Keep thinking about getting a longbow or recurve.


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