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Thread: Kasilof/Kenai

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    Default Kasilof/Kenai

    Ok I know the magic number for Kenai dipnetting is 30,000 fish days........that's when the dipnetting gets GOOD.........70,000 it gets phenominal

    The Kenai fish are trickling in........Kasilof has better numbers even though it's smaller water.......

    How many fish need to come into Kasilof to equate to a 30,000 fish day on the Kenai??

    Would you rather dip at Kasilof on a 4,000 fish day than the Kenai on say a 12,000 fish day?

    Then there's the issue that Kasilof reds tend to be dinks compared to the Kenai bruisers.......

    I'm dipping Sunday evening and all day Monday........ might head down to Kasilof if the Kenai is dead

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    Default dipnetting

    I'm not even going to bother yet given the fish counts I saw on F&Gs website. I'll take a stab at it next weekend.

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    Default 15K @ Kasilof Saturday

    That's a pretty big number for that river (I believe)

    I'm heading down Sunday to dip that night and Monday somewhere......

    I'll report when I get back Wed (King Fishing on Tuesday)


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