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Thread: kenai river motor regs

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    i remeber reading somewhere they were trying to implement a ban on 2 stroke motors on the kenai does anyone know if this was passed

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    Default Kenai River Regs

    There is presently a proposal on the Lt. Gov's desk for signature that will phase out old 2 stroke motors by 2010, but is meeting with some consternation presently. There are also many proposals in to the Board of Fish regarding the 2 stroke issue.

    If I remember correctly, if this is passed into regulation as it stands, 2 strokes will be allowed except for the month of July and will be restricted to 35 h.p. and will be totally banned in 2010. Of course this does not include the new efficient direct inject models.

    You can search this forum and find much information on this matter, both pro and con.


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