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    i bought some speed dip from boondocks in eagle river...i have cleaned my traps and they have a thin layer of rust on i need to get that rust off before i dip them??...and is it a quick dip and hang the traps or should the trap soak in the dip for a minute or two??
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    them traps for a minute or two, they say it will penetrate the steel- then let them drip back into your bucket, give em a shake. let it dry before you put them outside to breathe. but you should have done this a long time ago- the gas needs to evaporate, and the traps need to air out for a while.

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    Your doing right............. you want to boil all the shipping oils of your traps first in water and some detergent. Let hang until they have a good coat of genuine orange colored rust all over them. Then mix your speed dye with the appropriate amount of fuel, then soak your traps in there. I vary my soak time based on if they have been dyed before or not. One thing you may want to do, is open your jaws far enough to fit a finish nail in there to hold the jaws open so they too receive the dye. When your convinced they have soaked long enough, hang them to drip dry over your dye container, or over cardboard so it doesnt stain your floor. then hand them out to air out for about a week, and you will be good to go. Amazing stuff that speed dye. I never thought I would be using any petroleum products anywhere near my traps. But I am sold on it now. If I can catch Fox and Coyote in a trap that I dyed a week earlier, then the stuff works! Take care and good luck!
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