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Thread: TC custom barrel source(s)

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    Default TC custom barrel source(s)

    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm looking for advice on where to get a custom barrel for a TC Pro Hunter. I've checked the websites, but want some hands on info from those who have already been down this road.

    I'm thinking .223 Remington in a bull barrel with a 1:9 twist.

    Tell me what you've learned from your experiences with the custom shops.


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    Do you want the best?

    Do you mind waiting a while?

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    My opinion only:

    Fast (about a month), relatively cheap, some complaints on the net - EABCO, Coyote Guns, T/C Custom Shop

    Fast (under a month, immediate if in stock), not so cheap, only a very few complaints - Match Grade Machine (formerly Virgin Valley)

    Slow (sometimes almost a year wait), not so cheap, excellent qualtiy - On Target Technologies, Bullberry, SSK, Bellm TC's

    Me personally, I went with Match Grade Machine and only ever had one problem with a barrel and it wasn't really the barrel's fault. I was shooting cheap .223 ammo that was more suited to an AR-15 than a match .223 chamber and had failure to extract problems. Quality ammo shot fine, but I was hoping to shoot the cheap stuff. I received most barrels in a few weeks and all were of excellent quality. All shot sub-MOA easily.

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    Default thank you

    Thanks for the info guys. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Still accepting more info if anyone else wants to sing out.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks Busted and Kay9 for your help. Now I've got sensory overload!!!!!!

    Better too much than not enough.

    Thanks, Tom


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