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Thread: Rev chassi benefits.

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    Default Rev chassi benefits.

    Okay, I'm new to snowmachining up here and am looking for a good used sled, not to old. In my searches have noticed a huge price diff. in any of the Skidoo Rev. chassi machines over the others. I realize that the new Rev chassi has "revolutionized" the market but just was wondering if you guys could give me some more info on why it is so much better to warrant the price jump compared to other used sleds? Lets compare a 2005 Summit or MXXZ 600 or 700 to the same year RMK.

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    The REV's rider forward position is more comfortable and just plain better suited to nearly all riding conditions. I rode my 04' AC 800 Mountain Cat into and half way out of the crummy trail in petersville. Halfway out my brother in law saw how miserable I was and traded machines with me (05 summit REV 600) within 5 miles he was feeling nearly as awful as I was and I was actually starting to feel better! I would consider any of the new rider forward sleds as long as I could sit and stand comfortably. My 40 something father in law rips it up on a REV and wouldn't own anything else. He insists that he wouldn't even consider attacking any of the hills he climbs regularly with his REV on his old machines even if he was 10 years younger. The new polaris IQ chassis(I think), and the AC "M" series are also very good. If you shop hard you can get good deals on an M7 and I have seen a REV 800 sold in a pinch for as little as $4500!

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    They are not for everyone. Prior to 08 before they moved the leg position forward you sat on top of your legs. Leg, hip, back and shoulder fatique is very common for taller guys. I'm 6' 2" and I have only rode one for an extended period once and that was enough for me.
    They do real well in the bumps and turns thats for sure but a couple of the guys I ride with have Summits and are usually pretty stoved up by the time we get into Maclaren lodge.
    It's a nice chassis and fun to play around with, but I wouldn't trade the M Chassis for it. The rev does ride better but it is not as easy to manipulate while carving, boondocking, or sidehilling.

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    If you go by the mountain sled of the year (Snowest). I believe 2005 was the M7, 2006 was the Yamaha Apex (I believe)?, 2007 was the Summit and 2008 looks like the Dragon is getting all the nods. In 2005 Polaris still had the same chassis from '02 and I think Skidoo was in the same boat with an old design ('05). I went from an '03 RMK 800 to an '06 M7, Both are outstanding sleds for their year. All depends on how much you're willing to spend!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Much better chassis.

    When I first got my wife into snowmobiling I bought her a non-rev chassis. We had a ball riding. She would be sore at the end of the day but sure had fun. It was time to upgrade her to a new rev-chassis sled and pass the non-rev to our daughter. You can not get my wife to go back to the non-rev chassis for nothing. She says the difference is black and white. She is able to ride farther and longer and go day after day because she is not as sore at the end of the day.

    I have a '05 Rev Summit and have put close to 4000 miles on it. When I switch back to a non-rev, (to help daughter get unstuck, let someone test run it or whatever), I am so thankful for what I have. I find it more nimble, more trail friendly, and am not as sore from a tough ride in the mountains. I was told when they first came out that it takes about 100 miles on it before you really get the feel for it if you have been riding a non-rev chassis. It's like getting a new pair of shoes, they feel different but it's a good feel.

    To finalize: The industry is going to rider forward technology. There is a reason for that.

    Bottom line (IMO): Find a good deal and you'll have fun whether it be a rev or a non-rev.

    If you are wanting to compete with the big boys for the highmark, well, an '05 is outdated unless you plan to do some upgrades such as major engine work, titanium parts, strip it down to barebones, etc.

    Happy riding!


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