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Thread: 25 WSSM throwing shots-Help!

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    Unhappy 25 WSSM throwing shots-Help!

    At the range today to re-sight after moving the scope forward for more eye relief. Winchester Supreme 115 grain Ballistic Silvertip patterned OK as it has before- 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 MOA @ 100 yards, 3 groups of 3 shots each. Wanted to try the Winchester Supreme 110 grain AccuBond because the Silvertips tended to be almost explosive on caribou. So I got dialed back in to 2" high at 100 yards and switched to the 110 grain ammo. Once again, 3 groups of 3 shots each but now 4" groups. . Scope mounts are tight. Browning Stainless Stalker rifle. Good solid bench rest. What could be wrong? I guess it is not uncommon for a particular rifle just to not like a certain type of ammo? Do I need to get into handloading? Help!! WW

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    I'd clean that bore really good, including a good copper solvent, before giving up on it. If there's a difference in the metals being used in the two varieties of bullets, that might explain it. Idle speculation, but I've seen it happen both ways.

    In any case, I sure wouldn't give up on the Accubonds till they get another chance in a clean bore.

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    Default bullets

    You're right about some guns not liking some bullets, especially the super high velocity rifles. I would clean the barrel really good and give it another try, but your rifle probably just don't like the accubonds. Don't let your barrel heat up while sighting in, let it cool for about 5 minutes between shots. If these tips don't work, switch ammo, try as many different brands and weights as you can until you find what the barrel likes best, or start reloading, but you will still have to experiment with loads and bullet types until you find what works best.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks guys for the help so far. I will clean the bore well as suggested. I did check the barrel several times for heat and it only ever got slightly warm to the touch.
    As for trying other brands, Winchester is it for this cal. as far as I know. Three loadings and the one with the best bullet for what I am hunting seems to be the one my rifle doesn't like- go figure.

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    If it is still in the plastic Win stock that is your problem. I bought my wife a .223 WSSM for seal hunting and couldn't get anything consistent out of it. I pulled the barreled action out, and installed a pillar at the rear to keep the rear of the action from touching the stock, floated the barrel, now it shoots dime sized groups all day long with standard factory ammo at 100 yards.
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    I'd check scope base screws, and go ahead and check the stock bolts too. The only other option is hand loads.

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    BrownBear, both loads used are moly coated bullets. Would that metal fouling still be a possibility?
    Nitroman, this is a Browning Stainless Stalker. Plus I have always shot 1 1/2" groups w/ the 115 gr Ballistic Tip. After adjusting my eye relief, I still had it. Same day, same hour, same shooter, same range, same everything, with the 110 gr AccuBond, she opened up to 4" at 100 yards. I guess I didn't make all this as clear as possible in my first post.
    Open to more ideas.
    How much $$$ to get into handloading ;P
    Thanks guys. WW

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    Post Browning %&*^#@ factory bedding

    Take a look at how the recoil lug is bedded. I have seen three Browning 25wssm rifles recently where the epoxy looks like it was gooped into the recess with a putty knife.

    If this is true for your rifle, remove all bedding compound except from the area that contacts the rear of the lug. get at least 5 to 10 thou clearance on front, sides and BOTTOM. The rifles I cleaned up were being thrown off by the bottom of the lug pressing down on bedding compound. Cleaned up, all of them shoot well under an inch, sometimes much better!
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    Good hint, oldbadger. Wouldn't that problem show up "out of the box"? This problem occurred in the middle of a shooting session.
    I will definitely check it though. Thanks, WW

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    The only times I've seen accuracy go south right in the middle of shooting session, same ammo and everything, was due to bore fouling. I've never seen it with moly coats, so you've got me stumped. You can get into handloading pretty well for $200-500, depending on the details of what you buy. It's not a good deal if you won't be shooting lots, but when you dump thousands of round a year like I do, it's the only way to keep out it without a second job.

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    I had a 243 bull barrel that throwing bullets once...I changed bullets over and over again. I had to eventully, slow 'em down to a slower velocity than I really wanted for a varmint rifle.

    I finally had enough with that particular rifle and traded it.

    Good luck............


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