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Thread: Upland/waterfowl training

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    I have a Lab pup, a male, 4 months old. Where should he be in his training at this age?

    He's a good looking dog, he'll sit, stay (for a little bit), lay down, come, get in his kennel, get on his blanket. You know, basic stuff unless he's seriously distracted.

    I would like to train him to retrieve on land as well as water, in other words, retrieve ducks from a blind and retrieve grouse and ptarmigan when they land in thick stuff. Is that possible?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Start by having someone throw bumpers in areas with no cover. Start out with short marks and gradually increase the distance. As the pup gets used to retrieving, start throwing them in short cover. Just work your way up to the thick stuff.
    You want someone else to throw for you so you can maintain control of the dog. If your dog isn't reliable on the return (doesn't want to come back to you) make sure you use a check cord.

    Where are you located? There are retriever groups in Fairbanks and Anchorage who would be happy to offer training assistance.

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    I've had success using duck wings for young pups to retrieve too - really get's them motivated. If you're in Anchorage, I have a wing or two that I can give you . . .



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