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Thread: Deer hunt and numbers for 08'

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    Default Deer hunt and numbers for 08'

    Hey all, i have been planning a deer hunt out of whittier with a transporter, boat. i had the transporter picked out and am just waiting to put the money down. I know just getting out is worth it. but on the deer numbers. Can and do you think the deer numbers can come back enough to make a hunt next year worth it. I really wanted to do a PWS deer hunt but i do not want to get out and not see much in the first week of nov. To be honest im probably going to do it as long as weather permits, but just wanted to see what others thought about deer numbers for next year. thanks vance

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    It's nearly impossible to say until spring. The snowfall over the next four months are going to determine deer survival rates. The herd can grow pretty substantially in a year or two, given ideal conditions. If we have another harsh winter, though, things could be bleak out there.

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    As it stands now. This will be a good year for the deer. I just got back and the islands have no snow on them... There were bushes out there starting to bud. Yes bud. It was warm out there. Will post my story here later
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    No way to forecast with another long winter between now and then. I'd go ahead and book for your dates, recognizing that you might have to adjust locations come October or so and the reports are filtering in.

    As for lots of deer or a few, I enjoy the challenge of hunting an area with fewer deer rather than more. Sure you might not bring back as much meat, but you will be really proud of what you do manage. If you're an experienced deer hunter that will help up your score no matter what. When there are lots of deer around you're likely to get the bigger bucks, and when they're scarce you're still likely to score when everyone is coming up blank.

    If you're not experienced, use the months ahead to bone up- at the library, at the range, and in the field. There's lots in print on deer hunting, and frankly the older books that talk about technique are buches better than anything appearing today trying to sell you gear and image.

    After an initial sight-in from the bench at the range, I'd never sit at the bench again. Work on your position shooting- offhand, kneeling, sitting and prone- then work on some combo of speed and accuracy.

    Right now is prime time for sniping snowshoe hare, which will teach you more about field marksmanship and quiet stalking than anything I know of. There are good reasons both deer and hares have big ears. If you can work close to one without spooking them before you see them, you can do the same with the other.


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