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Thread: Burris signature 3x9x40

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    Default Burris signature 3x9x40

    How good are these scopes? what are they worth?


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    Default Very good

    Burris scopes are VERY GOOD

    The Signature Series used to be the top of the line for them
    I think now they have one grade above that but that doesn't mean the Signature Series has degraded......

    IMO it just means they have anothe line for people who like to spend more.

    I personally put it on a par with the Leupold Gold Ring optics (and I use both)

    At any rate they have a lifetime warranty.

    List prices on Burris products is available at their web site

    I think you can generally find them significantly below list

    One place to get a good idea if to check and see what that item is SELLING for on ebay.......


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