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    Thumbs up Big Beaver

    This is my 6th beaver of the season and the largest so far at 50.5 pounds. Here's a picture with my dad and me with the beaver.
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    Default Flat tailed PIG

    Cool Pic! Congrats,that hog beaver.
    Way to go. Do you have plans for the carcasses?
    I would love to have one for my marten sets, I checked my water line yesterday 3 otter!!! I was hoping for a beav or two, but the tripple on otter was an unexpected bonus. I prefer beaver for bait, the otter does not seem as effective for martin. Anyhow, way to go!
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    Default Blanket?

    what did it measure?

    Is it a blanket or super blanket?

    Cool !!!!!!

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    muskeg - I'm not sure what it measured because I just salted it and sent it to the tannery. By the way, what is the measurements for a blanket versus a super blanket?

    mikthestik - As for the carcus, it's going on the trapline as fox bait.

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    Default Nice beaver -

    Here is a fatty for ya -

    58 lbs. This was caught in a 220 too! It was supposed to be for coon but this big ol bugger got in the way first! I love these big ol things.
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    I don't think that fat gut would have fit through the 220.


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