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Thread: New Outdoors Cookbooks

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    We have a couple of new cookbooks in the Outdoors Alaska store that look pretty good. Both of these books have a binding that allows them to lie flat (and useful) on the counter.

    Cooking Big Game
    From the back cover: Ginger Coconut Venison, Cajun Smothered Pork, Orange-Soy Jerky, Planked Bear & Onions; these are just a sampling of hte more than 100 classic and imaginative recipes found in this exciting book. Thanks to the subsistence lifestyle they led Alaska, and their adventures abroad, the Haugens have gained real-life knowledge when it comes to preparing wild game. The result is an eclectic mix of tantalizing and healthy recipes that will transform the way many people view wild game.

    Game meat is one of the most nutritious forms in protein, and diversity in preparation greatly impacts the end result. For the Haugen family, wild game is a part of everyday life, whether it's prepared on the stove or grill, in the oven or slow-cooked. When it comes to elk, deer, antelope, moose, bear, wild pig, and more, Cooking Big Game unveils some of the most enticing, easy-to-follow recipes ever assembled in one book. No matter what your level of cooking experience, this book will introduce you to creative dishes all will enjoy for years to come."

    Grill It! Plank It! Wrap It! Smoke It From the back cover: The latest in a line of exciting cookbooks by Tiffany Haugen, this one is geared toward anyone who enjoys food infused with the smoky essence of wood. Packed with flavorful recipes and creative techniques, this enticing, three-in-one book also shares how-to information on grilling, plank cooking and smoking.

    Each section includes appetizers, vegetables, meats, seafoods and desserts. Marinades, rubs, salsas and sauces are also featured, making this already comprehensive cooking guide even more complete. Specific wood types are detailed, as is the contemporary concept of cooking with wraps, or wood papers.

    The recipes within these pages are simple to follow, and use easily attained ingredients. With nearly 300 special dishes, including numerous recipe variations, the ingenious applications make this an unmatched book.
    The first cook book of its kind, combined with eye-catching, real-food photography, Grill It! Plank It! Smoke It! is a book every cook should have on their shelf."


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    I got the Griil It book. Some good sounding recipes I'm gonna try.


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