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Thread: 400 Kodiak troubles

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    Default 400 Kodiak troubles

    I have a friend that was riding his 400 this past weekend out at Jim's Creek and he started having issues with his machine. He can get it to start and idle but when he gives it any gas it backfires and wants to die. I told him to check his air filter and make sure he had good gas in it , other than that I don't know what else to suggest. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Is it carburetted or fuel injected? If carburetted, I wonder if the clip hasn't fallen off the needle, the main jet is clogged, or if something is wrong in the float bowl.

    With the air filter removed and engine off, apply throttle while looking down the throat of the carb. The slide valve should lift up out of the way, and hanging from the bottom of the slide should be a needle, which is then being pulled out of the main jet at the bottom of the throat. There is a clip which holds the needle to the slide, and if this breaks/falls off, applying the throttle gives you more air flow, but the needle staying in the jet doesn't allow additional fuel to mix with that air.

    If the needle isn't the problem, disassemble and clean the float bowl of the carb.

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    Just talked with my friend again, he told me that once it gets warmed up is when he's having the problem. Is it possible that his valves need adjusting?

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    I have a 400 Kodiak as a spare machine. Like stated above it's a dirty carb. Remove the gas tank, so you can get at the carb, it's not necessary to remove the throttle cable or the choke cable. Turn the carb over and remove the bowl. Take out all the jets, float etc and clean with compressed air and carb cleaner. Take the cover off where choke cable ends and clean inside to make sure the choke is working properly.


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