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Thread: 1 hp motor?

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    I just picked up a 16 ft? scanoe would a 1 hp motor be enough to motor me and gear around some creeks and rivers on a float hunt? It can handle up to a 5hp motor but I found a 1 hp motor at a really good price.

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    I have a little 2 hp Evinrude that is from the early 1970's and it pushes me around pretty good, I guess if you are not trying to go upstream, a one hp can help.
    I have used very small Electic motors also on the scanoe, and it pushed me fast enough to troll nicely for several hours on a deep cycle battery

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    Well I am looking to be able to go both up stream and down stream as the creeks I am looking at have no access at the other end. and I don't see an electric working out too well due to battery life. any input would be awsome. Also I checked out the river flow info MS posted up and it seems that most rivers/creeks listed are a little to rough for what I am looking for. Are there any nice smooth rivers/creeks that get into the back country? Thanks Bob


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