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    Default Opinions Please!!!

    Okay,I've wanted to get back into bows again for some time now.I havent shot or owned a bow since '93 and equiptment sure has changed.I shot with fingers and instinct shot without sights.Everything is pretty foriegn to me now but I at least got the bow purchase covered.A guy I work withs dad was gonna try to deal Dartons up here and bought 10 or 12 bows but Sportsmans Wharehouse backed out on him and he lost interest as well.Anyhow I bought a new Darton Marauder from him for 400 bucks and from research on the internet it looks like I almost cut the cost in half.Not the best bow out there but Im sure it will be just fine for me,305 fps is quite a bit faster than my old hoyt easton used to be 15 years ago.
    The bow came with a few accesories like a 4 arrow quiver and a 3 pin day glow sight.Will this sight be acceptable?Should I shell out more $$ for a better sight?
    How about a rest?I used to use a little plastic adhesive sided rest on my old bow that you had to pay close attention to as you drew back your arrow to keep the shaft on it.Any suggestions?A fellow worker gave me a wisker biscuit cause he didnt like it,good rest?
    Dont even have arrows yet but will run down to look,any ideas there?
    The release has me totally baffled and any style will for sure feel unnatuaral to me for sure for a while after only useing fingers in the past.What styles are you happy with?What works well?
    Any insight will be appreciated.Im in the process of setting up my 08 fall caribou hunt with my partner.Beaver flight approx 130 miles west of coldfoot w/just the 2 of us with possibility to bring back a few animals apiece,would love to take the bow along as well.Time to get practicing.

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    3 pin sights are used mostly by whitetail hunters sitting in treestands and taking very close shots.
    If you're going caribou hunting, you may want to be ready for longer shots- 40-50 yds is pretty standard, and 60 yards is common
    (though that's a long way for the arrow to go without the animal taking a step) so a 5 pin sight would be in order-
    There are lots of options for releases and rests-
    Dropaway rests are the most forgiving and
    Wrist releases are the easiest 'not to lose'.

    I hunt with a Spot Hogg Right-on sight with 5 .019 pins
    a Trophy Ridge Dropzone Hunter rest and
    a Carter 2 Shot release.
    There are lots of good options though.
    Good luck with your project, and welcome back to archery-

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    Default head to an archery shop!

    Go down to an archery shop, and check out what there is, and ask tons of questions. Try on the diferent releases. Tell them what you got, and what your going to do, they are usaually really helpful!!

    DON"T GO to Sportmans warehouse, I have never got good advice from them, except go to fletchers bow shop, they can help you!!

    So I highly recommend Fletchers in Wassila or Archers Den in Eagle river, both good places with honest people.

    I have dealt with fletchers, and can't say enough good things. But it is a good idea to get 2 different opionions when your just starting out again!

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    Personally I don't take shots out past 35 yards so I use a 3 pin sight similar to yours. If you plan on shooting out to 60 yards or more then you might want to consider a 5 pin sight, it's your call. As for a rest, I would go to a bow shop and talk to them about that, there are so many different types it will make your head spin. Releases, pretty much the same deal there too, I've been using a Fletch Hunter for about 14 years or so and really like it and I still use aluminum arrows, those fancy carbon wrapped aluminums can be spendy but are suppose to be nice to shoot. Your best bet would be to go to a pro shop and talk with them.

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    Thanks,Ill do that...I'll also check out some of the equiptment stated above.Looking forward to getting setup!

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    Like others have said, go to reputable shops and talk with people. Another that I did not see mentioned is Back Country Archery in Anchorage. Good guy.

    As for sights, I am still using the one I bought about 12 years ago that has three plastic colored pins. They are huge compared to the new .019 and .029 dot pins, and no fiber optics. I am looking to upgrade soon. But, I would say first learn to use what you have so that you know what you do and do not like. You may go out and buy a new sight and not ever really adjust right to it.

    As for arrows, if you do not have any, I would go carbon. I am still shooting aluminum, but they get bent on occasion. Carbon won't bend (I think they'll just break first, although I hear that is rare).

    As for releases, what is wrong with shooting fingers? When I first started shooting, I used my fingers. I tried releases on occasion and never liked the feel of them. I've always hit fairly tight groups out to about 45 yards (although I doubt I'd ever shoot that far on an animal) with fingers, so I've stuck with it over the years. I figure it is one less mechanical item to go wrong at the wrong time.

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    Just a point, I did not see covered. Using a release may shorten your draw length an inch. One type that does not seem to do this is a Winn free flight c 10? If you have never used one it"s best to go to a bow shop and try them all, if you can. Bow setup is diffrent with fingers, than set up's with release aids, just so you know.
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