Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question for anyone who owns a Karavan trailer. I have one and am trying to find out what size bearings it has in it without pulling the hubs again. Anyway, mine is a 2004, KKB-1800-64 and Karavan says that the part number for the hub is 310-00288-NA. It has the grease zerk in the axle if that helps.

I am trying to get a pair of aftermarket hubs (and save a few $$) as spares for it to get ready for the move to the lower 48 but I do not know the diameter of the axle. I've got an idea, but just wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. I am kicking myself for not writing down the numbers from the bearings and seal when I pulled them apart this spring to repack....

It's a 5 stud hub that runs a 13" tire which I belive karavan classifies as a
HA(00006) hub?

Thanks in advance,