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Thread: Jacksina Creek Fording

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    Default Jacksina Creek Fording

    I will be Backpacking from Jaegar Mesa to a landing strip called PINGO. I will be fording the Jacksina and have been looking over my maps which will never tell me where to ford, so I am asking anyone who has been in this area, that can give me advice.
    I will comming from Mesa creek headed SW to the Jacksina. It seems the headwaters are south comming from the Glaciers and branch out into various channels. Is this the best place to cross? Do you know the best route to cross?

    Another question........How is the fishing at Grizzly Lake and Sheep Lake?

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    Default Jacksina Creek

    I've done a little tramping around up there but never crossed the Jacksina.

    I think I talked to you earlier and you are flying in with Kirk Ellis at K-Air. He is your best source of info and may be able to fly you over a good crossing spot on the way in.

    Which end of the mesa are you descending?

    What time of year?

    I don't know what your level of experience is with river crossings but be sure to use good methods of teaming up and locking arms. Braided areas tend to be a good bet as a rule, but you can't go too much by what you see on a map. Stream beds can change radically in a single flood episode and suddenly what was several braided channels is one - deep, fast and furious.

    More people are injured in stream crossings than by bears, by a wide margin.


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