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    Default First Fox

    Here is my first catch of the season and it is my first fox, got it on thanksgiving day. Got him with a #2 Coil Spring at a dirt/snow hole set with some bait and LDC Canine Lure.
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    This fox first got in this trap a week ago, but got awy and forgot one his toes. Then came back and got caught by his other foot. Here is a pic of his foot with the missing toe.
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    Nice looking fox, you would think he might have learned the first time around.

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    Default Nice work

    How many swivels do you have on your chain? Looks like you are pretty happy with your fox, great to see.

    One tip, when skinning try and get some latex gloves (or similar). These are more helpful than the yellow dishgloves i have found.

    Great job, now go get another one.

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    i have one swivel on the trap to the chain. shuold i have more on the chain? and i do use latex gloves i just diden't have any at the time


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