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Thread: Small game hunting in Anchorage 1st hunt

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    Default Small game hunting in Anchorage 1st hunt

    Looking to take my wife on her first hunting trip tomorrow. Need a good place close to Anchorage to find rabbit/grouse. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    If your using shotguns try portage valley. There is a pretty good population down there usually. Id tell ya to try knik, but that sounds like it will be busy tommorow.

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    agree with knik and the flats being busy. Unless you have a secluded honey hole out there it is a some time scary endeavor. Lots of gunfire! ATVs open up some areas up the knik river to get away from the crowds. I have 2 areas on the flats I go to one often has a couple other hunters the other is harder to get too but my partners and I are allways alone. Anchorage is a funny place not much hunting available with the park border so close makes you look accross the inlet at all that wilderness and no reasonable way to get there...


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