I just read in the Anchorage news paper about a missing snowmachiner near Glennallen; and two weekends ago three snowmachiners ran out of gas near Peterville and spent a cold night until a trooper helicopter found them.

This warm weather we are having can be extremely dangerous. It takes a lot more gas traveling in soft snow, as much as 50% more. Rivers and lakes that you never seen overflow on will become slush monsters trapping you and your friends. If youíre lucky enough to get out and donít remove all the ice there is a good chance you will burn a belt or two. In the morning, the trails are frozen and by afternoon you canít go 100 yards with out getting stuck, ice bridges across creeks and rivers become soft. Your only chance of getting out is waiting until it re-freezes around 6 am.

I am not saying do not go. You might think about taking extra gas and two belts. You thought I was going to say bring survival gear didnít you; or the items you may need to get out of the slush monsters grip.