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Thread: Petersville Guiding & the NEW Ski-Doo Tundra 550F

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    Thumbs up Petersville Guiding & the NEW Ski-Doo Tundra 550F

    This Sunday & Monday... my first few days guiding on the New Ski-Doo Tundra 550F.

    Let me first say that I have had high hopes for this snowmobile, and it is a remarkable sled thus far! It is over and above many of my expectations and will most positively carve out a perfect play/multi-use/multi-user role in our 2008 fleet at Alaska Snow Safaris.

    Allow me to also communicate that the Tundra 550F is a gotta try 2 B L V!!! This is one heck of a enjoyable multipurpose machine. The rest of the Guides could scarcely pry it out from under me... I'd whoop out TUUUndRAAA like some kinda on cloud 9, ecstatic caveman calling the wild... then carve off into the terrain-filled wilderness powder with a snow-covered smile.

    The next day guiding and trail setting forward of clients was a daydream.

    Sunday & Monday conditions had us out all day in 17-25 degree temps... some bumpy road, mixed good trails, boondocking waist deep light powder, carving hidden virgin meadows between the spruce, and overall provided an excellent early-season Alaska experience.

    Still gotta grin!!!

    I'll post more on the Tundra 550F as the season progresses...

    With regards 2 the recent Pineapple Express 50 degree heat wave ---
    My requests 4 SNOW!

    Happy Thanksgiving -
    Alaska Snow Safaris

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    All that from 55 horses, man I guess I shouldn't have spent the $$$ on my 1000s

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    I'm thinking of getting the 300 Tundra for my wife. I'm hopeing they get around as good as the old Tundra and Tundra IIs.


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