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Thread: Spring Brown Bear hunt

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    Default Spring Brown Bear hunt

    Wanting to go on a spring brown bear hunt. Looking at an outfitter in Dillingham area- Alaska Bush Guides operated by Chris Carr. Anyone got any info on this outfitter and/or the area. Any suggestions?

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    Default Are you going outfitted or guided?

    Quote Originally Posted by mcreg View Post
    Wanting to go on a spring brown bear hunt. Looking at an outfitter in Dillingham area- Alaska Bush Guides operated by Chris Carr. Anyone got any info on this outfitter and/or the area. Any suggestions?
    IN ALASKA "Outfitters" and "Guides" are lumped into one category of "business" operators. It might be helpful to understand that so you can ask the right questions and actually understand the "system" your buying into.

    The currently accepted practice in ALASKA is; the guide-outfitter you pay your money to in many, if not most cases; WILL NOT BE the actual person guiding your hunt.

    So, you contract a commercial service commonly known as a guided hunt from an individual person that is licensed by the State of Alaska as a professional "guide-outfitter". Also licensed by the State within the category of guide-outfitter is a class of guides known as "assistant guide". Assistant guides are not authorized to represent or conduct themselves at the professional or commercial level; yet the "assistant guide" will likely be the only person you are actually hunting with.

    The Professional guide-outfitter you buy your hunt from may likely have no intention of personally guiding you but fulfills a standard contract (developed by the State of Alaska) with you by simply providing the outfitting service and a person to guide your hunt.

    The standard guide-outfitter contract and current industry practices make no practical promise as to what level of professional guide service you are going to receive "in the field".

    In most cases it will be an "assistant" guide performing as an employee or contractor to the person you bought the hunt from acting as the professional hunter performing the duties "in the field" of a "guide".

    It is not unusual for the assistant guide to likely have less hunting experience than you do, may not have ever hunted the area before and in fact you're hunt may be the first commercial hunt the "assistant" has ever taken any part in at all.

    Currently guide-outfitters are not required to disclose who is going to actually guide your hunt including the qualifications and professional experience level of the actual guide you will have until you physically go to the field. If they did disclose this at any time prior to you going to the field; they would reasonably find it harder to "sell" more commercial/professional hunts than they can actually guide themselves and subsequently find it necessary to consider adjusting their hunt prices based on the experience level of the actual guide in order to sustain their "business" of selling and outfitting more guided hunts than they can possibly do themselves.

    You pay the same to hunt with an assistant guide [who by definition has not reached the journeyman or professional status of "guide"] with little or no experience as you do to hunt with the State Licensed professional person turned "business" manager you bought your hunt from. So by now you know what to ask and what to get on paper before you actually buy a outfitted hunt OR a guided hunt.

    There are assistants that for one reason or another have not reached the professional level of "guide" but at least have significant experience and have participated in multiple commercial/professional hunts in the area you are legal to hunt in and with the species you are hunting. In this case; the guide-outfitter you buy your hunt from should not have any reservations of introducing you to who you are actually going to be hunting with prior to your arrival in camp.

    Likewise; there are guides who actually guide.

    Don't confuse yourself or me further by trying to figure out what a master-guide-outfitter is OR an Alaska is still the same "bull system".

    I don't know the guy your asking about........but you will likely get some feed back here.....I do know quite a bit about the area; generally.

    Before I can help you I need to know what y-o-u mean by "outfitted".

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    chris runs a pretty small outfitt and chances are he'll be doing the guiding, and he's in a great area, that part of the state is bang up for bears, if you hit it right, like every other part of the world. Get ahold of his references and talk to all of them you can, ask for unsuccessfull references as well, the past three years worth should do it, that'll give you a pretty good feel for who he is. good luck!
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