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Thread: cowling repair

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    Default cowling repair

    any place in Anchorage were you could drop off a cowling to get repaired so it would look half way decent, tried doing it my self and now it looks like a frankinstien clone.

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    Have you thought about taking it to a body shop.

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    Todd at Alaska ATV in Eagle River has a plastic welder. He welded a 4 wheeler fender for me. He did pretty good and it does not look too bad.

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    Depending on how good you want it to look, you can use fiberglass matt/cloth and ABS cement on most plastic cowlings. There are several different types of plastic cement, from clear to black. The clear can be tinted (i hear, but have not yet done it) and matched to your paint.
    It takes a while to piece it all back together, but is a lot cheaper than a new cowling or using a pro. For older sleds of mine that are going to get scratched up in the brush I really only want them to be functional anyway.
    Paint shops can mix you up an aerosol can of paint to your spec for a final coat too.
    I can give you more tips if you think you want to tackle the chore.


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