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    I was thinking about buying an SKS. Between Norincos, Pomonas, Intracs, and those designated by the country they were made in what are the more desireable of the SKSs? How are they for accuracy?

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    Default Check out this site...

    When I was in the market for an SKS I read through this site extensively, and when the time came for me to buy one I knew way more about all different types of SKS's than the guy that was selling me mine. Don't get ripped off, you can get them for pretty cheap, I wouldn't pay over 150 for one unless it was special.

    I guess as far as special goes the "paratrooper" ones are highly desirable, because they are a shortened down version and there aren't as many. Certain serial numbers and certain arsenal markings also make some more desirable than others but check out that site and you can learn how to distinguish the arsenal markings and what the serial numbers mean.

    I really just wanted an SKS, didn't have to be special for me. So I bought a Yugoslavian M59/66 from a shop that was ALL matching serial numbers but the stock wasn't the greatest. I am refinishing the stock myself, but there are numerous aftermarket stocks and other accessories you can get if you want. When you go look at one, make sure the numbers match, otherwise you are buying a pile of parts someone threw together.

    Hope this helps, schmidty

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    Default SKS

    That is a good site. It looks like Russian SKSs, Chineese SKSs made of Russian parts, and paratrooper models are desireable. If anyone thinks that others are desireable let me know.

    Another question would be are AK47s worth the exta money they command over the price of an SKS? Are they more accurate normally? Are they more reliable?

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    I bought my SKS 13 years ago and didnt know anything about them........still dont but it did fit my "criterion" in that it was CHEAP! And Ohhhhh Yeaaaa baby it was cheap, like $40 cheap! And just incase you are wondering what kind of rifle you get for $40 (there were 8 of us that went in on a "quantity discount" deal) I will try to describe it to you........ Imagine if you will, a rifle that has been assembled from a hodge podge of well used parts with no two numbers even close, let alone.... a match, then take that rifle and rub it hard...... and I mean REALLY hard with the roughest steel wool you can find, next you will need to drag it down a country road for a few miles behind your truck (make certain that the sights hit every big rock on the road) now "preserve it" in a 1/4 in thick layer of rancid animal fat (or cosmoline if you aint got fat) and pitch the whole dang thing into a big pile of sand! All thats left is to wrap it up in a bunch of news paper and ship to some rube in the USA that was willing to pay $40 for a rifle In all did go "bang".......eventually. All I had to do was let it sit in my buddies fuel oil tank for a week (yes, stock and all), use about a gallon of hoppies #9 on the parts that were supposed to move, and then hose the sand out with brake cleaner. Believe it or not, the little piece of crap would actually group 5 shots into about 6 inches at 100 yards with the iron sights. But the really amazing thing was how reliable it was......even with all the mis-matched parts, it would just shoot over and over as fast as you could pull that terrible, gritty, creepy trigger! Never once jammed on me??!!

    So, all that said, my sugestion would be to spend a tad more than $40...... but then again......
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    i have an SKS, no idea what kind. my friends got it for me as a gift one year. its got a folding "paratrooper" style aftermarket stock, and a 30 round banana clip on it. accurate? only up close. fast? fast as you can pull the trigger reliable? jams sometimes if you fire to quickly fun? you bet. i almost always take it with me just to unload some clips. buy the one you like the best, and dont look back. the sks is a fun rifle to own, looks cool, and does its job.


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