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    Is there any one place to buy good snowmachine gear/clothes/and helmets especially. I have been reading these posts reference helmets, and am kind of settling on the kind of helmet with the quick release goggles. Where do you find these things? Or does each brand of snowmachine make their own helmets, and you have to go to Team CC, for example, to look at theirs, and then to Yamaha, etc? I would also like to get a decent pair of bibs. I don't have a lot of time to go to twenty different places. Thank you all for your previous help.

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    If you are in the valley go to team CC for KLIM gear if you want to get the best (and spend a fortune). If you just want some gear you can check out Fish Creek Sales on Palmer-Wasilla hwy they have pretty good selection.

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    As for the quick straps, you can find them at most any respectable snowmachine dealer/parts store. You can buy them already on goggles, or replace the strap on an existing pair.

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