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    Default Goggle Recommendations

    I am looking to upgrade from the cheap Scotts with quick straps that I have had for years. Any recommendations on what type to get and where to get them? Thanks.

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    Thumbs up Scott

    Which Scott goggles are you using?? I have Scott "turboflow"s and they work great. I even bought a couple of replacement lenses in different colors depending on conditions and have no complaints.

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    I used the Scott Turboflows for a few years. Then switched to the Smith Cariboos. They fit alot better in my helmet, less gaps around the goggles. And the field of view seems larger.

    Cheap goggles are great! When you bash your head into the bars or a tree or rock you're not out much for new lenses/frames.

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    I like my new smiths I forget which model they are but they are the new ones with the lenses that adjust to the light. They are about 80 bucks but I have run them in a bunch of diferent conditions including night riding with the same lenses and they have performed well. I fogged them on one trip but it was my fault since I took a header and packed the air vent with snow. I didn't catch it quick enough and the snow melted between the lenses. I could have set them on the engine to clear it but we were headed back and I didn't have time. What ever you decide it is a good idea to toss a spare set of cheapies in the seat pocket for just such a situation.

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    Default Smith

    I have two pairs of the Smith over the glasses type (not sure of the model) they work wells. They ten to fog when Im holding still but as soon as I start moving they're fine. They're nothing special, just the $35 clear lenses, and a pair of dark ones for the sun.


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