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    Default Moose tactics

    What kinda techniques have people used for moose this time of year spot and stalk or does calling still work. If so what works better scraping, cow calls, grunts etc.

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    Default Wait and pray?

    Well, I just got mine about a week and a half ago. What I found, at least in the Fairbanks area, was that the cows were really skittish. I couldn't get any closer than about 150 yds if they had any idea where I was. What I ended up doing, was find a moose, then try to guess where it was going to go. I would then go a different way and hope that I could get ahead of it and then sit and wait. Not easy to do, especially in wooded areas. I just got lucky on the one I got as she really wanted to be in the same place that I ended up.

    No idea how the bulls are reacting (just had the antlerless permit). They may have a totally different mentality.

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    We shot one this time of year a few years ago. Easiest moose hunt I have ever done. It had just snowed, we cut some tracks crossing a road and followed them to see what was making them. Turned out to be a couple of young bulls after 45 monutes of tracking.. We had an any bull tag. ANd that was that.


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