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    Default Cast Bullet Lube

    For a few years now I have been using Javelina 50% Alox 50% Beeswax cold lube in both my lubrisizers and it works fantastic for my handgun and rifle loads with possibly the exception being the really hot 45-70 loads that are running about 2000 fps. Is anyone using anything for high velocity (2000 fps) rifle bullets that seems to work really well? Also, I dont have a lube heater and would prefer to keep using cold lubes......... unless somebody can convince me that hard lubes and heaters are the way to go

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    I've used LBT and Appache blue, they work great with high patch loads. They are considered soft lubes, but I still end up warming up the lube sizer with a heat gun when I start lube/sizing, as my garage is just cool enough to keep it from flowing smoothly.

    I use a home-made lube that is 50/50 moly-lithium axle greese and beeswax, works like a champ.

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    I have made my lube for years both for BPCR and higher Velocities for revolver and rifle and then I was introduced to Carnauba Red from Glenn at White label lube .
    It was cheaper to have him make it and send it than I could get the ingredients here in Alaska and make it my self .
    My last order was 200 sticks , should last me a year .
    Here is the link
    He will send you samples of his lube if you will pay the $1.30 postage .
    I think he has 6 flavors .

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