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    Is there a way I can NOT see GENERAL DISCUSSION when I use NEW POST????????????????

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    Default No, and yes

    No, there is no global setting in our existing software. The ability to select forums for display when "new post" is run would be a very helpful User CP feature on vBulletin forums.

    But yes, there is a workaround. You can create a shortcut with this location:

    HTML Code:
    As long as your browser logs you in without having to enter your userid and password, that will work.

    To set a shortcut, right click anywhere on the "desktop". We're talking Windows here. You Mac guys can probably do this too -- I just don't know how. Anyway, after right clicking on the desktop, select New > Shortcut. Enter the URL above in the dialog and give the shortcut a name. This will appear on your won't even have to navigate to the forum.

    This also works for including specific forums but not others. See this thread for more details.



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