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Thread: AR15 scope mount

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    Default AR15 scope mount

    I have a Colt AR15 .223 w/ the standard match grade barrel and removable handle w/ peep sights and a big front sight. Would like to mount a scope on it and was hoping for a little advice on my options to either get around that front sight or still being able to use the sights it came with and scope it to boot....thanks.

    Oh yea, any recommendations on what type of scope?

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    Unless you are using very low power scopes, you won't even see the front sight in your field of view. With my Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5 I can just barely see a distortion at the bottom of the scope on 1.5.

    There's no mounting system that I know of that allows you to use a traditional scope and still see the fixed sights while the scope is still mounted. Your best bet is to get a one-piece removable type scope mount and just remove the scope when you want to use iron sights. I prefer LaRue, but Armalite makes a good mount as well. Otherwise, if you intend to just leave the scope on there then you can use regular rings with a Weaver-style base.


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