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    Hi guys, like the guy before me, I'm interested in a in-expensive saltwater boat (I guess in-expensive in boats is a relative term!). I want to stay away from fiberglass project boats and no I/O's. I figure with the upcoming 2-strokes that will be for sale (pending the new regs on the Kenai), that twin 35-50 hp motors would be cheap to come by for a Bayrunner/Klamath 18-20 footer. What do you guys think? I know 4 strokes & DFI are all the rage now, but for a limited budget and limited use during the summer, I'd think that 2 stroke motors in this size range would be economical enough.
    For the boat mentioned above, can you guys give a list of "must have" equipment and items to have on the boat? Please include safety as well as fishing gear, anchor, extra rod holders, etc. BTW, do the Bayrunners/Klamaths have raised or self-bailing decks? I'm not sure if they have built in fuel tanks?
    Just trying to put together a rig for Seward silvers, bottom fish, Deep Creek, Homer day trips without going broke. A new Hewescraft (22 HT w/ext. transom) is my dream boat, but not realistic until I retire!
    Thanks for all the help/advice in advance,

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    Default Here's one guys opinion.


    All good questions. You are going at it realistically.

    Klamath vs. Bayrunner: I had a Klammath at one time and a friend had a Bayrunner. My Klammath performed much better on the ocean because it had a wider beam. Honestly, I'm not sure if all Bayrunners are more narrow or not. Just something to check into. Neither had self bailing.

    Gear: Fire extinguisher (mounted in easy to reach spot), Life jackets, Flares (have more than required), Horn/sound device (loud one), First Aid, and Life ring with line. A hard mounted VHF radio is nice to have along with a small handheld. I have seen many, many times when a boats battery dies and radio communication is done. Cell phones are great but rescue or help is much quicker by radio. They can also use your broadcast to narrow your position if needed. That brings me to GPS. Again, if you have one, a handheld spare is nice. I carry an (oh sh** case). It is a plastic waterproof case that takes up very little room. In it are my flares, first aid kit, handheld GPS and VHF, matches, survival blankets (aluminum style), and compressed air horn. I have rescued many boats through my years on the water. I have had the opportunity to see a lot of different mistakes made and the lack of preparedness. It seemed those that did not prepare had a more urgent recue needed over the ones more prepared. They usually only had a embarrasing moment. It's funny how that works....

    Ground tackle: Good anchor line, chain, and anchor. I prefer the Bruce style anchor over all others as the best all-around anchor, bar none. It is the best. Chain length is the biggest mistake boat owners make. If your boat drags anchor you don't need a bigger anchor you need more chain. The chain is what keeps the anchor in it's correct position and helps with surge. A good rule of thumb is to have no less than your boat lentgh in chain. Only a rule of thumb though, cause longer and heavier is better.

    I would highly recommend you install a Racor water seperator fuel filter with clear viewing bowl. If you do, I gaurantee you will thank me at some point in time and if you don't you will curse yourself at some point in time. Fuel filters are nice and needed but a water seperator is a lifesaver.

    A sea anchor is something that gets stowed away and you may never use it, but the day you need one it is invaluable.

    Bouy and bouy ring for pulling anchor. Attach a cleat at the bow of your boat and do not pull your anchor from the stern.

    Sorry this was so long winded. Got caught up in the moment. Hope it helps.

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    Default What he said.

    I used to have a 15' Klamath with a 25hp outboard. For the money I don't think I could have found a boat that suited my needs better. We used it out of Seward occasionally although we only went out a few miles and only on good days. An 18 footer sure would have been nice but wasn't in my budget at the time either. I don't know for sure but a single 50hp motor might be enough. I didn't have any complaints with my old boat. My wife wasn't happy I sold it when I bought the new one but it funded a bunch of goodies to put in the new boat.

    Persanally I wouldnt' get a way no how. I prefer the center console on an open boat because it allows you the option to stand for better visibility.

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    Default keep em comin'...

    Thanks guys for the information! Sounds like I've possibly found our reasonable day boat. Any other tips will be appreciated! I've seen the 19' Klamath with the full softop on their website. Wide beam, self draining motor well, adequate deck space. Only if they could design them to have a self bailing deck!
    I saw a rig for sale in Soldotna in August, I think the guy wanted 12k with a 80 or so 4stroke Yamaha w/kicker. It had a funky homemade wooden top/windshield, but it looked like it was made pretty well. Maybe I shoulda looked at it harder, but I think I can do better in the price range by finding a couple of used 2 stroke 35 or so motors and a boat to go with.
    For 12k, might as well step up with a little more green and get a used Hewes or something.

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    I used to have a 18 foot klamath with a 70 evinrude. It was a great setup! Very fast and for it size, it handled the chop great. It is one of the driest boats in its class. We used to run it with an evinrude 35/40 so that we could run the Kenai and it did ok. A friend of mine just purchased a used 20' bayrunner this summer with twin yamaha 4 stroke 50's for about 14K. Full soft top and VERY clean. Pretty good deal. I do not think you could go wrong with either. If you are looking at an older Klamath, really check it over for cracks.
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