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Thread: 338WM 210 TSX pet loads

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    Default 338WM 210 TSX pet loads

    Does anyone have any valid data (starting point and max loads) for loading some 210TSX's for my 338 WM? The powders I want to use are H4350 and RL 19. Its frustrating to like a certain bullet and yet have so little loading data available in any of the manuals. Thanks in advance.

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    Barnes Manuel data for X bullet 210 gr: H4350, 64.5, 2714 fps, max 69.5 2924 fps, RL19, 68, 2742 fps, max 73, 2944 fps. These are loads listed for X bullet, I also used them for starting data for TSX.
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    I love the 210 TSX! I have it loaded with 72grns of Varget, set them .050 off the lands. Shoots a 7/8" group at 200yds, and blew right through a moose at 150yrds. Real easy to tune. I am stickin with them.

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    I just helped a buddy load some 210tsx's for his new Tikka and got outstanding results with H4350. We started a gain or so above the starting load data for the X bullet and worked up in half grain intervals. I don't remember exactly where we stopped, but I think it was 66.5. I can verify that after he gets back from Kodiak. We didn't get anywhere near max load and I know this load won't be terribly quick (something he didn't particularly care about), but the goups were incredible at 100yds. A nickle almost completely covered the three shot group. The charge a half grain lower and half grain higher gave pretty much the same level of accuracy, so figured we had hit a pretty good sweet spot.
    Oh, other components used were CCI 250 primers and Remington brass.


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