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    Am looking to buy, possibly, a couple of these masks for myself and wife when we get out and snowmachine. Does anyone have any ideas where I can purchase these? I've heard good things about them, but am sure there are pro's and con's as well. Don't want to go thru the expense of defogger's. Any pro's/con's on this product type? What do they usually sell for? I've checked ebay with no luck as well. I appreciate anyone's comments. Thankyou and have a great ride this year..!

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    Thumbs up They work great.

    My whole family has them as do the other families we ride with. I feel they are the best thing on the market. We have snocross, modular, and full face helmets.

    My buddies and I use them when highmarking and boondocking. We use them when easy family riding. I have used them in 40 degree weather to -35 degree weather. I've tried a lot of different items and nothing compared to the no-fog.

    You're looking at about $35 to $45. We ordered ours online by going to different online sites. They are ugly, but you're married so who cares, right???

    Spend the money and ride happy.

    Good luck.

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    If it helps any, we sell them as well. We have a good stock right now but VF Grace hasn't been able to keep up with our demand. Mo_ak I hope you enjoy them! It was great visiting with you and your wife....hubby looks forward to meeting you too!

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    For those who responded, thanks very much. The Huntress squared my wife and I away on the masks and will be testing them out this year. Thankyou "D". Happy Riding All!!


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