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Thread: Bowtech "Vital Impact"

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    Default Bowtech "Vital Impact"

    Anyone out there have any opinions or insight on the Bowtech Vital Impact sold at Sportsmans Warehouse. I was in the new one in Wasilla today wasting time and looking at releases. I tested a release on one of the Vital Impacts and WOW. I liked it very much and was incredibly accurate. Price is right. Just not finding much in the way of info on the web. No reviews or critiques. I know Bowtech made it for Sportsmans. But is it similar to another Bowtech model?

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    Default I have a Vital Impact

    I purchased one in the early 2007, about a month prior to archery season. Shortly after purchasing I found out that it is acctually a Diamond bow by bowtech and not an authentic bowtech. Im shooting a 70# draw with a 29 1/4" draw and a 390 grain carbon arrow.... Its IBO was 285-297... Its not as quiet as a bowtech but it still shoots excellent

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    Diamond is made by bowtech so it isn't like diamond is a knock off. The difference between the two is diamonds are single cams and bowtechs have binary cams. That isn't the only difference but it is the main one.


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