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Thread: CNF Avalanche advisory 2007-2008

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    Default CNF Avalanche advisory 2007-2008

    for folks interested, Carl Skustad and Matt Murphy are updating this seasons Avalanche advisory for the CNF.

    You can read the latest at:

    Have fun, and be safe!

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    Thanks for posting this! We'll keep this one at the top of the page all winter.

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    March 7, 2008
    Good morning backcountry travelers this is Matt Murphy with the Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center on Friday, March 7th at 8am. This notice will serve as a general backcountry avalanche advisory 5 days a week (Wednesday-Sunday) for the Turnagain Arm area; local variations always occur.
    Due to rain at sea-level, we will be closing Placer Drainage to motorized use. There is not enough snow to prevent resource damage.
    Bottom Line (Primary Avalanche Concerns)
    The avalanche hazard increased since yesterday. Today natural avalanches and human-triggered avalanches likely. Avalanche conditions are very dangerous today. Travel in avalanche terrain is not recommended.
    1. Unstable slabs likely on a variety of aspects and slope angles.
    2. Pockets of buried surface hoar that exist 3-5 feet deep on leeward aspects. This weak layer formed February 23-24 and was observed mostly in the trees but also all the way to the ridgetops.
    3. Deep instability of dry faceted snow underneath a higher density slab that can average 7-11 feet thick. That weak layer of faceted snow is 1-12 inches thick. It will most likely require a large trigger like: cornice falls, rapidly warming temps, rain on snow, heavy wind loading, or a person dropping off a cliff. This could be a dormant weak layer that will show up during the spring thaw or during a large natural avalanche cycle during heavy weather.

    Their Snow and Avalanche Hotline is (907) 754-2369

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    Default New Advisory Website

    The Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information website has changed to . They have posted their early season advisory for now but, if the snow keeps falling, hopefully, they should be back with their regular advisory schedule.


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