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Thread: Kenai River 50hp into law yet?

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    Default Kenai River 50hp into law yet?

    Does anyone out there know if and when the 50hp regulation on the kenai river will be signed into law? I am looking at a DFI 50hp two stroke that can't be detuned to 35hp if for some reason the regulations are changed...

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    Default Last I heard..

    It was going into effect on January 1st, 2008. There was supposed to be a provision for the month of July only next summer, that is now gone. We will all need DTI 2 strokes or 4 strokes if we want to run the Kenia. I'm sure the guides and marine dealers are thrilled! As for me, I have a perfectly good motor I'm going to have a tough time selling and currently don't have the money to get a new motor. Hope it is all worth it....enjoy the river boys.

    PS- Funny how the guides didn't push for more drift days...rather more hp and less competition from us locals.

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    Default 2 Strokes below last bridge?

    Not trying to hyjack the thread,but I thought that this may go along with the previous question; Will 2 strokes be allowed below the last bridge (Where we dipnet)after that date? If so,is there any regulation that is proposed to change that?

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    Default Its coming

    Not signed yet. Dept. of Law and DNR are quibbling over minor details. Once satisfied, DNR comissioner transmits to Lt. Gov. for signature - should be in the news fairly soon.

    Below the Warren Ames Bridge, I think you can expect the same kind of rule to come online in the near future. It may not be this coming summer, but it might. Depends on action from ADFG and the B.O.F.

    SockeyOrange - who told you that the July only provision was gone for next summer? I don't think that is true, it is my understanding that this would be a legal problem b/c a proposed regulation cannot be more restrictive than what was put out for public review. The proposal was July only for 08/09 then year round starting in 2010.


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