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Thread: Hunting Bear over Bait

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    Default Hunting Bear over Bait

    I am interested in discussing hunting bear over bait in and around Sheep Creek and Talkeetna region. I am new to black bear hunting so am unsure about staking out a stand, baiting, and what all is involved. Rather than try to establish my own site I was hoping to share an established stand with a hunter who would be willing to mentor me in hunting black bear?
    In exchange I would share bait & fuel costs, time commitment/stand maintenance? I live in Anchorage, hardworking, professional, responsible, and NOT looking for a free ride.
    Thanks in advance,

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    With all the cabins in the Talkeetna and Sheep Creek areas, and the higher population of actual residents now, it is getting tougher and tougher to meet the one mile requirement from a cabin/house to set a bear bait.

    Your tactic of looking to share a bait is a good idea. I know at least two dozen established baits in the area and I stay away from them out of respect. Hopefully one of those guys will chime in.

    I happen to live in the area and I spend a huge amount of time GPS'ing new cabins and looking for new areas to bait that I can access with an ATV. I can say that within one mile either side of the Parks Highway from the Kashwitna River north to the Susitna River and the entire Talkeetna Spur Road there is not a single place that you can even build a trail to set up a bear bait legally meeting the requirements of being 1 miles from a house and 1/4 mile from a road or trail and not tresspassing to gain access. There are a few holes on the back sides of some of the subdivisions that are accessable, but they are few and far between.

    Good luck on finding a partner. If I didn't have two kids that hunted with me I'd hook you up.

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    Default book on bear baiting

    I read a good book on bear baiting a few years ago called "Do-it-yourself Black Bear Baiting and Hunting", written by Dr. Ken Nordberg. It full of information and advice on setting up your stand, placing bait, and even bear selection. He hunted somewhere in the north eastern states, and some of the stuff he talked about isn't allowed up here, but it was still very helpful.


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    Default bear baiting

    there is only one problem and that is ADFG says you cannot carry bait or help pay for it. but ther is one way around that take the adfg bear baiting class and get certified then dual register the site otherwise you could have a violation issue. I dont know the area you want to hunt but there are a lot of good ideas on this site good luck its the best hunting experience to me. Nick

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was legal to hunt the bait station as long as you had written permission and your name and hunting number was on the permit and you were present. When I was at my bear baiting class they had informed us that they were trying to make it legal for ANY person on the permit to be able to carry or transport bait to the station as well as hunt it without the original permittee to be present

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    Drobin, the 1st step will definetly be to take the bear baiting class & get certified (just in case you weren't aware of that).
    Check with ADF&G for one near you.
    Vance in AK.

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    Default Answers

    True - Anyone who has their license number on the bear baiting permit can use the stand. (To hunt only) (They do not have to take the bear baiting class. Only the person registering the class has to have the class.)

    True - Only the person who registered the stand may bait it.

    True - More than one person can register a stand. This allows the stand to be baited by more than one person. It also places the responibility of clean-up on two people.

    True - You may not take money, bartered goods, or services from someone who uses your bait station.

    True - Taking the class is painless and you only have to do it once.

    If anyone has any more questions, I do teach the class.

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