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    Default POW bear questions

    I am going to POW for bear this spring and I have a few general questions. First is it better to rent a vehicle at ketchikan or on POW? Once you land on POW if you do not have a vehicle how can you get to other nearby cities? Taxi? Bus? I noticed the car rental places on POW are not where the ferry lands.

    Where can I rent a truck or SUV for hunting?

    How big of a boat would be needed to get to outter islands, like dall island or [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Kosciusko to name a few, basically I want to know what size boat would be needed to access most islands. Has anyone hunted these outer islands and if so was it better then the main island POW? I see a lot of roads that according to my map are not open to driving, what can you take on the roads - bike, ATV or only walking?[/FONT]

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']I plan to use a boat and stay mobile and camp.[/FONT]

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']My biggest question is besides the beaches and tidal flats where are there areas where you can glass? Any open areas, logging roads, burns, high points where you can see into open timber & meadows etc. I am trying to find anyplace where I can park and use a spotting scope and see a lot of ground. [/FONT]

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Any help is appreciated, PM me if you prefer.[/FONT]

    [FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Thanks DonV Ohio[/FONT]

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    Default Car rental

    Don V,

    I had good luck with Practical Rent-A-Car in Klawock in the past. Wilderness Rental Car probably has a better truck and SUV selection. Both outfits are good, but availability can be an issue. To prevent hastles, I found it better to keep a beater "island truck" in Craig.

    There is a private shuttle that meets the M/V Prince of Wales in Hollis at every landing, so it is easy to get a ride into Craig or Klawock. You could save money and time by flying directly to Craig and getting your rig there.
    Spring bears are going to be near the beach. I don't have a very good answer for your boat question. It's all about the weather. What works best is to take a 58' Delta limit seiner and tow a 18' skiff behind it. Then you have a place to stay and skiff to hunt out of. I remember being weathered in at Dall Island four days before it was safe to leave Grace Harbor.

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    Default some info


    Here is a link to the POW Chamber of Commerce, you may gleen some information from it.

    This link is for the interisland ferry system.

    Coaldust is right, there are a lot of variables associated with boating to the outer islands...some are relatively sheltered, some are not.

    There is a lot of road system you can access by passenger vehicle and some that requires atv, bike or walk-in. If you are hunting the road systems, much of your glassing would be over recently harvested areas. Spring bears will often be found eating grass in the estuaries or beaches... depending on when you show up for your hunt.

    Good luck with your planning.

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    Default car rental

    You did not say where you would be staying or hunting, but I can reccomend for sure not to use coffman cove auto rental. I made that mistake and found that they have only junk. The suburban they gave me first missed for several days before dying, luckily for me at the post office. The second vehicle was a little better but not great. I was told(by a unnamable source)that that was the usual way a lot of them turned out. Wilderness car rental in klawock is an another source, but they reserve quick and may be out of vehicles already, but I would give them a call. Another one would be Shaub-Ellison in Craig, they were out early also. Some of the bed and breakfast places also have car rentals and most but not all rent vehicles only if you stay with them. You can rent in Ketchikan and drive accross on the ferry, but most of them will not rent if they know you are going to pow because of all the hunters and fisherman before who have returned vehicles with blood and fish stains and smells.My brother in law rents from budget in Ketchikan and drives accros every spring(they do not ask and he does not tell). There is a car rental(that I can not remember the name) just down the road from the airport in Ketchikan that I would be very carefull about renting from, he told me that if brought the vehicle back with fish smell that he would replace the all the fabric at the renters cost, a good reason for renting a pickup instead of a suv. I hope some of this helps and if you decide on a particular part of pow that you want to hunt email me and I will try to help with a place to stay. I know a great place in coffman cove dirt cheap.

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    Default Wilderness Travel

    I rented a Ford pickup and camper from them, the thing would of been the ultimate road hunting rig, if when you opened the doors people in Anchorage did not hear the creak of the doors. Besides that great service and for a few bucks they can pick you up at a dock. I did learn a few things from the trip, 1st, I dont like that type of hunting, I prefer the more remote, mountain type environment. 2nd, Don't get offended but, To me and just my 2 cents it is one of the ugliest places I have ever been. 75 percent or more of the island has been clear cut and ugly stumps and brush piles every were. There are a some pretty places, but they are rare or owned by the native corps(no or limited access. 3rd, Pressure has increased, and AK F&G and the Forrest Service will check on you every 15 minutes or everytime they see you. I did meet alot of friendly people there and did see a true 8 footer. Good luck and enjoy the adventure.


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    Good info guys and thanks! I sent a couple pm's

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    I almost forgot, I have not narrowed down where I am going to hunt yet. I might also rent a boat. I am doing a lot of research trying to find the best spot, and I am also looking into several islands around POW.

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    Are the wilderness areas logged?

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    Can anyone reccomend who to rent a boat from?


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