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    Default artificial light

    I heard u can use artificial light while predator calling if u have a trappin license is this true. From i think pg 15 it makes it sound like its a no go. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default A second opion

    here is how i read it. if u are trapping u are allowed to use articial light in certain units and certain times of year

    Methods For Trapping
    You may use any method to take furbearers with a trapping license unless it is prohibited below. The following methods and means are illegal for taking furbearers:
    take furbearers with the aid of a pit, fire, light (other than sunlight or moonlight), electronically enhanced night vision scope, radio communications, cellular or satellite telephones, artificial salt lick, explosives, expanding gas arrow, bomb, smoke, chemical (excluding scent lures), or a conventional steel trap with an inside jaw spread over 9 inches. Exceptions: Killer-style trap with a jaw spread of less than 13 inches may be used and artificial light may be used for the purpose of taking furbearers Nov. 1- Mar. 31 in Units 7 and 9-26 during an open season

    this is on page 13 of the trapping regs.

    the 11th bullet on page 15 of the hunting regs out lines the use of artificial light. prohibiting it with the exception of tracking wounded big game with a single dog.

    my interpritation is this. u would not be considered trapping. since u are not running a trap line or settng traps or snares for the purpose of catching your prey. u are trying to lure it in to shoot it. So it sounds like u would not be able to use artifiacal light for that purpose. Im no expert on the matter. your best bet would be to contact fish and game and ask them. or better yet send a e-mail. so u can have the any confirmation in writing if a problem should ever arise. so until u get a straight answer on the matter from the people in charge i would lean on the side of caution and not use artificial light. just my 2 cents i hope this helped answer your question.

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    Aksportsman, I read it the opposite of you. If someone gets an email confirmation I would be very interested. It looks to me that durring the open furbearer trapping season in the identified GMU's it is legal under your trapping tag from Nov1-march31. It would not be legal under a hunting tag. That is how I read it. ie. if the trapping season opens oct 15th you could not use light untill 1 Nov. Get the info from the ADF&G and let us know how it comes out.

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    Default Exception in methods and means

    Legal to use artificial light in unit 7 and 9-26 Nov. 1 to March 31 during an open season.

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    lujon has it right. You have to have a trapping license to use light. Not a hunting.


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