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Thread: unexperienced (wanna be) trapper...

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    Default unexperienced (wanna be) trapper...

    i have never trapped before and want to learn...would anyone consider taking me along as a "GoFer"...i have collected a few traps of my own, i am real excited and not afraid to work...i took the Alaska trappers seminar a few weeks ago...i have means of transportation on and off road, including a set of snow shoes if needed....i have a couple of things to offer in return if your in need of a good duck huntin dog, or an argo to get a moose out this next fall.
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    If you don't find a pard here on AOD, then join Alaska Trappers Association and go to their monthly meeting, you should be able to find a tutor.

    Good trapping.

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    check out

    Go to the Wilderness forum on there......TONS OF INFO...


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