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    I was at the russian this weekend and fished up by red salmon campground, did well. I cought my limit then went to clean them when one of the 3 year old cubs came out of the brush about 10 feet from me. I then went across the river and watched it take one of the salmon off the stringer and went down about 30 yds to eat it. It was nice of it not take all of them. Anyway it had a collar on and I talked to a forest service person and she told me that it is the cub that they traped and took to moose pass, it has made its way back and doing it's normal thing. It was nice for my brother inlaw to see his first brown bear, a tad to close for him.

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    Is this bear Gimpy's sister?

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    Yeah i saw the collar bear too. Also yesterday about 2/3 the up to the falls there was a black sow and two cubs that came out on the trail right in front of me. Thanks to you whoever you are the flagged me down from the other bank. I almost walked right into them. ha

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    Default gimpys sister

    yes, I think it is, they wern't with each other though


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