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    Question Scope Reticles

    I have a Leupold VXIII 1.75x6 32mm I am thinking of sending to Leupold's Custom Shop and have the Post-Duplex reticle installed. Any of you ever use this reticle? My 1.5x5 20mm has the German #4 and my old 2.5x8 36mm has the regular Duplex. Maybe it is my old eyes but I am starting to really like the heavier cross hairs. What ever gun it ends up on will be used for moose, caribou and bear and maybe deer some day again. Most of my shots at the critters have been under 150 yards.

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    Default Leupold Reticle

    I have and have had Leupold's with post and duplex reticles and really like them. I also have a Ziess Conquest with their German 4a reticle that's very similar to Leupold's post and duplex reticle that I like too. Leupold's 4a is really wide and difficult to see the fine wires when lighting starts to fades. I'm thinking about ordering a new Leupold for my 6.5-284 and if I do, I'll go with the post and duplex reticle again.


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    My eyes aren't gone yet, but when I ordered my 2.5x leupy compact I had the german 4A fit. It is a great reticle, the benefits of both the heavy duplex and then std plex.


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