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Thread: E-Tech jet motors

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    Default E-Tech jet motors

    Has anyone ran the new e-tech motors with a jet unit. Are they really better than a fourstoke like Evinrude claims? Any info you have would be helpful.

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    Default E-Tech prob's

    A friend has an e-tec jet unit. A lesson he learned the hard way was that it shuts down if it over-rev's, ie...cavitation can do it, or hitting a sandbar where it may wind up for a second. To get it to run again, he must take it to the dealer to have them "reset" it. His solution is to pay attention and not let it over-rev or else he is stranded on the river...which happened a few times, and it really sucks.
    Food for thought.

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    I dont have a Jet Motor on my etec. Just standard prop motor.. I have been running it a little over 18 months and must say.. It is better than the 4 stroke.. I get about 9mpg with plenty of torque etc... I have used two gallons of oil in 18 months..

    This is on a 50hp Etec



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