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Thread: Raleigh Mauser Guy-need contact info

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    Default Raleigh Mauser Guy-need contact info

    Need contact information again. In 2007 I was considering purchase of a 6.5x55 Swede and had many good comments from posters on this forum. I need to contact the Mauser collector in Raleigh, NC again, but have lost his contact information--any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

    By-the-way, I just returned from my second trip for moose in Sweden. Had Mr. Big trot past at about 400 meters, but was in the woods across a grassy open area--too far for the 6.5x55 I was borrowing, and moving too fast through the woods anyway. I had to leave the next day so did not hunt, but the team ended up getting the bull, from the same stand--this time he was walking straight toward the hunter to within 250 yards when the shot was taken. My bad luck. It was a 13 point which is large for Sweden. Most hunters in the teams I hunted with use 308 or 30-06s and Norma ammo, but most of their shots are within 100 meters, so they are not ready for the longer shots. I was wishing I had my own rifle when I was watching over 400 meters of terrain.

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    Default raleigh mauser guy

    well, If the Greensboro Swede guy will do, here I am.
    Tikka Sako Ruger CZ all have the Swede. and
    Factory ammo is quite good, reloads are wonderful.
    Yes you can reload to 270 plus ballistics but, that would defeat the whole allure and function of the mild mannered cartridge.
    from 85 grains up to a whopping freight train Hornady 160.
    The standard is about 2550-2600 for a 140 grain spire point.
    Research the ballistics, check out the sectional density and compare to others.
    It is like shooting a mild 30-30 in a bolt action rifle for recoil energy.
    Reloading, seems to like anything, 200 yards is where the bullet goes to 'sleep' and after years of personal range time and reading others with their similar results; the groups shrink. Do not panic with the 1 1/2 -1 3/4 inch 100 yard group; remember the old timers "minute of deer", it is true, that group will shrink to about 1 inch at the 200 yd mark if you do what is required.
    I actually shoot a sporterized M96, with the original stepped Mauser barrel shortened to 23 inches. It is not bedded, the trigger is original,( that really military double stage trigger), nothing is accurized or glass bedded, a basic wooden stock drop in that came with the another swede from imports, you get the idea. This 1908 action with #2 barrel shoots minute of angle with Remington factory ammo.
    It is just a very accurate, cheap, simple, cock on closing small ring mauser that is a joy to shoot. I see it , I hit it.
    I have many other rifles, but, I love my Swedes.
    I hope this helps a little. Right now I am looking for a local Remington or Ruger left hand long action for a customized Swede for my good buddy.
    He has a 2700.00 dollar package, a Blaser left hand with Leupold Vari x3 on it in 308, but HE wants a Swede, go figure, join the club.

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    Default Raleigh Mauser

    Oh, and there are quite a few other Swede guys at this site. It is their carry gun, easy gun, love that gun gun.
    For those who NEED the ORIGINAL Swede Mauser, good luck, I am seeing prices of fair condition Mauser actions for almost 200.00.
    Original great condition Mausers, almost 400 plus!
    Remington Classic, Winchester Featherweight, are others.
    Don't forget, minute of deer, minute of Moose, minute of Elk, minute of Caribou etc etc.
    I dare you to check the Swede ; or the Swedish mauser; or 6.5x55 at google.
    About 143,000 hits at least.

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    I have purchased Swede M-96s from The Florida Target Master and Allans Armory
    Floatplane,Tailwheel and Firearms Instructor- Dragonfly Aero
    Experimental Hand-Loader, NRA Life Member

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    Default Swedeshooter

    Thanks for the post Swedeshooter, and sorry to respond so slowly. Drop me a line at to establish contact. Hunter401


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