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Thread: duroboat experiance?

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    Default duroboat experiance?

    I also have looking into buying a 16 duroboat. I was wondering the sea- worthyness of the boat as compared to lunds or crestliners. Is ther a big enough differnce in the ocean to justify the higher price tag? Or would a cheaper used lund be comparable? Thanks for any info?

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    Default They are junk

    I bought a new Duroboat in 1986 out in Dillingham. It was the 15' something, wide beam, yellow model. I purchased it because I didn't like the rivets coming loose in the Lunds after dragging them up and down the beach for several years. I ran it out on Bristol bay in some rough weather and the tubular supports between the floor and seats came apart. Other owners had similar problems. The sides were weak too, compared to a Lund. Anther problem was that it was so wide and short-coupled that going into a wind on a rough day, the bow would catch wind and feel like it was going to turn turtle. Scary.

    After two years of this I bought a Koffler Bay-Bee, and it was like the difference between night and day. Stable, could take a beating, seaworthy... all the things a Duroboat was not.

    Lunds are good boats too, and I would go out in one in rough weather without too much fear, but they do have the rivets to deal with, and a welded boat will take a lot more abuse.

    Maybe they make better Duroboats now than they used to be, but if it is a thin skinned, screwed together craft, don't buy it. Get a Lund instead, or better yet, something welded like an Alumacraft, Koffler, or Bayrunner.


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